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Coming Back to San Francisco

2006-04-12 1 min read Newsflash marco

{moszoomimglink:Brad}Latest update, mid-April. A tough month, already over a month into the extension. Here is the latest list of things to do (green: HAPPENING; grey: DONE):

  • Wall to the master bedroom and MBR closet
  • All swinging doors (14, plus closets)
  • Fixed doors to the kitchen
  • Drywalls and mud
  • Painting
  • Electrical (rough-in)
  • Electrical (finish)
  • Plumbing (finish)
  • Bathroom and kitchen tiles
  • Honoka`a bedroom
  • Garage
  • Upstairs bathroom tile

Brad says he’ll be done by the 16th (his birthday). I sure hope so, otherwise I just might run out of money…