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The Move

2005-12-08 2 min read marco

It was Wednesday. First thing in the morning, the phone is disconnected not to be used until the move is over. I go to the gym (thanks, J.P. for the class!) and get back home, just to find a message telling me the guys are going to start moving me around lunch time.

I continue packing, labeling, framing. I put stuff in one corner if I don’t want the movers to take it because it’s too fragile. Then the call comes in, and the three guys from Delancey Street Movers come in. They were the most professional and just plain nice movers I have ever dealt with – so much so that I still remember their names: Edwin, John, and Arturo (who goes by Art).

We got the truck loaded in under three hours – the stuff in the loft was the hardest to get out. We drive out to the house and unload everything. I should have probably planned the moving out better: in the end, I let them plop the furniture where it was convenient and now I’ll have to have people help me move the stuff in.

So, now the last few days have been about finding out what’s in what box and why. I have probably opened for one reason or the other every single box I have, but still unpacking seems beyond me. I got the kitchen almost moved in, at least, and beyond that this computer is running (albeit not where it is meant to be run) and life is good again.

I wonder how long it will take to be completely moved in. Especially considering it’s snowboarding season, and that I’ll be in Hawai’i this weekend!