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First Snowboarding Day: Sunday, 12/4

2005-12-08 2 min read Snow Updates marco

Was it fun? More fun than I remembered!

After a long hiatus and with the tentative and hopeful approval of the snow gods, D. and I drove up the mountain and stopped in Heavenly. The drive was very uneventful, getting up the mountain not a problem at all yet, with the snow barely making it to the pass.

In Heavenly (California Lodge), I stood in line for my season pass. It took about 45 minutes, and it could have been organized better, but in the end we were all happy and ready to go. With the $319 passes (4 days left!) the mountain is a really good deal.

On the slopes around 10 AM, I started as a goof, which turned out to be a really bad idea. I had completely lost it: I didn’t know how to turn, how to stand, didn’t even know how to get off the lift without falling like a bloody beginner!

After two hours and lots of frustration, I gave up at the bottom of Sky Express. I used the tool bench to regularize myself and went up again: there I was, the master of snowboarding! As if I hadn’t stopped one second since last year!

Lesson well learned: don’t you switch without knowing it’s like being a beginner again. I hated that feeling!

Horrible lunch in California – they have to do better when they say pizza! Another three hours of snowboarding, and then exhaustion. We drove back home, and I couldn’t have felt better (aside from the terrible pains…)