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Moving Into New House

2005-11-29 1 min read Newsflash marco

{moszoomimglink:44. Hazelwood}So I got lucky! I was struggling to find anything livable during the whole month, and got deals denied at the last second because the owner didn’t want cats, after all… In the end, a strange mix of serendipity (I had read about this open house because I had typed in the wrong search), circumstances (the owner wasn’t able to rent to anyone else) and perseverance (I stuck with this house throughout my search) got me in at the last second, after all other options were exhausted.

The house is charming, and the commute is going to be a little easier. Most importantly, though, I finally will have all the space that comes with a house. Actually, this one is really generous in space: the basement is the same size as the house itself (the living space) and will give me many a chance to store stuff. Moving out will be another nightmare!

Unfortunately, having to move of course means I couldn’t visit Hawai’i this month. Well, planning on doing so soon…