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Mambo/PHP Weight Table

2005-11-27 1 min read Joomla marco

I was continuing to learn about Mambo and thought the next step forward would be to create a component. I learned how to do Mambots (really easy) and now it was time for something more complex.

Components in Mambo have two things in particular:

  1. They are meant to be displayed as body of the page
  2. They have an administrator component

I was struggling to find something that I could contribute in the area, then I realized it was staring at me!

Since time immemorial I have created a weight table. I have been keeping my weight since 1997 on an almost daily basis. And for the longest time, I have used a computer as a helper in the matter. First, I wrote a Tcl/Tk app. Then, much later, I switched to Perl and GD::Graph for web display.

This time, I would create a PHP version anchored inside Mambo. It’s a component, development took all of a week, and you can download it here.