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Heavenly Not Opening On Friday, After All

2005-11-19 2 min read Snow Updates marco

It was all over the site until Friday: the season was to open on 11/18!!! That didn’t happen, although the snowmakers are pretty busy. Now the opening date is set to Thanksgiving. If that happen, there is going to be one sick puppy that is going to be in heaven(ly)! I am already thinking of bringing a turkey sandwich to the slopes. Or maybe I should break down and finally buy the turkey jerky I always stared at in the supermarket.

Sad, sad, sad. Last year, the snowpack at Thanksgiving was considerable (I was there!). The day after Thanksgiving, indeed, I was on the snow and was having a great time! That was before snowboarding, so I was still on the silly planks. But this year, it’s been too dry and hot, so no snow yet in Tahoe. I assume this might become a bad season, overall, considering that El Nino is usually followed by La Nina.

In addition, let’s not forget that Heavenly made a big deal of the discount if you bought the season pass before July. I spent $299, just to find out that any idiot can buy the pass until the middle of December for $319! That’s not fair! If I put the money in the bank and got interest, I would have been better off!!! Heavenly should reward the poor idiots that stuck to the early idiot program!

No way. And despite their touting otherwise, there isn’t much of interest happening on the mountain. They say they spent $6M, but somehow I am not interested in any of their improvements. Go figure…