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Making a GIF/PNG Transparent In the Gimp

2005-11-17 1 min read Utilities marco

I have to search on the Internet for the solution to this problem every time I need to make the background of a GIF disappear, since it’s quite a strange process. So here is the short recipe:

  1. After the image is loaded, you need to add an Alpha channel. Go to Right Mouse -> Layer -> Transparency -> Add Alpha Channel. Nothing wil seem to have happened
  2. Perform any kind of selection on the image
  3. Hit Ctrl-K, or Right Mouse -> Edit -> Clear
  4. Continue until the checkered background fills the area you want transparent. Hint: if you want to get rid of single pixels, just enlarge the image and use the rectangle selector
  5. Save in a format that supports transparency, like GIF or PNG

That’s it!