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Desperately Trying to Find Apartment

2005-11-14 2 min read marco

Ok, I am about to give up. My conditions for an apartment are too strict, and I cannot find anything that matches the criteria. Besides, I don’t have time to continue looking: I have to be out of my current apartment by the end of the month, and the Thanksgiving weekend is going to cause a huge hole in my schedule.

I still have a lot of furniture that does me no good. Have to get rid of it, since all apartments I can find are tiny. Must be a San Francisco thing. Or maybe it’s that the bigger apartments have all no cats policies.

That turns out to be the biggest problem. Cats (and dogs even worse) reduce the ability to get an apartment by a factor of 1:5. That’s a far cry from the good old times in Germany, where it was recognized as a human right that having a pet was soothing for the soul.

I can see why people wouldn’t want to deal with pets. An ill-behaved cat or dog can leave ugly smells, stains, dander, and the like all over the place and it takes constant attention to clean up. Shasta, my little girl, is a real pain because of her “bulimia”: she’ll gorge on food and then throw it up all over the place in neat little puke puddles. Mondo is a real charm, but he can be obnoxiously loud when he needs attention.

If cats are the bill, what are the other criteria? Well, for one, I really need parking. I have lived for a few month in an apartment without parking, and it really killed me. I would come home at night and spend up to 40 minutes just circling the neighborhood. I guess if I were in a neighborhood with less of a parking pressure, even that would become less of an issue.

Washer and dryer in unit used to be a high priority, but I am giving up on those. Nobody seems to have them in the City, and despite the fact that I know how painful this is going to be, I will have to do without.

So, first order of magnitude is selling the spurious furniture. Right now, that’s the dining room table and the dresser upstairs. I’ll be better off without anyway.