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Moving On Out

2005-10-09 2 min read marco

I received an email, then a letter from Jim, my landlord here in the City. He says he needs to move back into his apartment and gave me a generous 55 days to find a new spot.

I would be totally demoralized if it weren’t for the fact that I wanted this to happen. I wanted to move out, and he just kicked me in the butt.

Now, of course, the problem is where to move to…

I have three main options:

  1. Stay in the City: continuity and old friends
  2. Move to Palo Alto/Menlo Park: no commute and a life of sorts
  3. Move to San Mateo: evil compromise…

Staying in the City

Of course, the advantage is continuity. I keep driving the same distance (more or less), don’t change my rithms, don’t have to tell friends that I might be around less than usual. Downside: continuity. I continue spending 1.5h in the car each day, continue spending a ton of money on gas, and I continue not having a life, tired as I am every time I get home. And let’s not forget the cost!

Move to Palo Alto

Here the advantage is to move to a relatively vibrant neighborhood with lots of students and an urban center (University Avenue). The downside? Too close to work, too expensive, and too far from the City. Well, I used to live in Los Altos, and it didn’t deter me from driving into town once in a while…

Move to San Mateo

Definitely my current choice. Low rent ($1800 goes a LONG way), still a nice neighborhood, and the hidden killer: the gym membership at the San Mateo Gold’s is valid in the City, no questions asked!!!