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First Month

2005-09-29 1 min read Newsflash marco

{moszoomimglink:The main entrance}The first month of ownership is over, and I felt the urge to go for myself and check things out. Good news: Brad is a brilliant contractor, and the work he’s done with the crew is amazin. Bad news: he’s barely had time to work on the house. After I left, he’s only completed the subflooring and done the lanai mauka, with the lanai makai on the way. One wall was put in (left of the main entrance) and a few window frames.

At this speed, the house is not going to gel for a long while – time I don’t have. Additionally, the general contractor is mounting a stink because he’s found out his binding bid is actually binding. And Brad needs money to carry on. The problem is going to be how to give him money where he barely did anything on the house…