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Six times a week

2005-09-18 1 min read Spinning marco

Recently, JP became a spinning instructor and has taken over the Wednesday and Friday slots that I avoided like the plague. I want to help him out in the beginning, since he’s got no takers yet and the guy that was there beforehand has sent everybody into the stratosphere in search of a class.

Of course, that means I am going to take his class for the first few weeks until he gets his own regulars. And I don’t want to leave the Tuesday and Thursday class, taught by Carol, who does a great job at cycling. Her classes really try to mimic what I’d do in the Great Outdoors.

Take the weekend and its own load, and I end up with six classes. I’ll skip the Monday class for no good reason but the fact that I just need to relax one day. And here comes the million dollar question:

"Is it good to do six days of spinning a week?"