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Uploaded Pictures

2005-07-17 2 min read marco

Here they are! After a lot of waiting (mostly due to the fact I was too lazy to move the pictures from my laptop to the web server – it’s 260MB of them, after all!!!), here the {moszoomalbum:2005-07-02} with the pictures of the trip to Hawai’i.

A few changes to the usual format: this time I refrained from putting all pictures from one day in the same folder, and just highlighted the places we went to. In the end, the Big Island is a big rock with outstanding features, and you really don’t spend all day taking pictures.

Highlights? I still love Kapoho-Kalapana road as one of the most beautiful ones I know. The only one that could potentially beat it is the section of the Road to Hana that is past Hana. Then there was Pololu again – I just love that place! And of course, Mauna Kea. This time it was even nice up there.

All in all, it was a much less eventful trip than my last one. Kirk was a great companion, but both of us were more low key. The weather was not so beautiful, and most of the time the sun was hiding. This sharply contrasts with my last trip, when everything was perfect. I guess the early fall is a better time to visit, just like in San Francisco.