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Back from Hawai'i

2005-07-12 1 min read marco

After a horrific nine hour non-stop flight (four of them spent on the ground waiting for a “battery charger”), I finally made it back in one piece from Hawai’i. A week of travel is about all I can handle right now, especially since the house didn’t close yet and I have a trillion things to do.

Takeaways from this trip? Not sure. I knew the island pretty well before I visited, so a lot of the sights were repeats. Since I had K. with me, I had new eyes to look at everything, and I could rediscover a lot of the marvels I had seen before. Pololu valley, for instance, is still magnificent. Puna road (Kapoho-Kalapana road) is still the most beatiful stretch of highway I will ever see.

I am happy I finally made the move. I am not so happy I made such an expensive move, and I start wondering if I had been better off just buying something small and cheap, and work my way up from there. Who knows. I surely will be handicapped by the mortgage for many, many years.