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2005-06-26 1 min read Movies marco

Great! So there is an underdog horse with an underdog jockey, but they win all races and power a whole generation of men and women desperately seeking a role model for overturning odds.

Seabiscuit was the star of 1938. The one that already had given up on twice, who managed to recover and achieve the greatest results when he should have been long history.

Made into a novel later on, the story of Seabiscuit the horse and of the men that made him into a star got to become an exciting movie, whose duration of two and a half hours is the only serious limitation to enjoyment.

In other words: you really have to be a horse racing fan to endure this long a treatise on horses.

The actors act, the story flows; just like the horse was a perfect story, the movie dances along a plot line that would seem to contrived if it weren’t true. It is all too predictable, maybe the fare of a long winter evening when there are no alternatives, anyway.