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No Fog in Fog City

2005-06-19 2 min read marco

It looked at first as if this might become a challenging day. The low clouds were hanging around dangerous, and it was hot from the get-go. The typical mixture that yields that dreaded fog that hovers over the City all day, putting us sun-loving Californians in a stupor.

You probably couldn’t live here without the cooling influence of the Pacific. It is amazing how cold it is on the ocean side, and how hot it can get just ten miles East of here. Between our two poles, the City wavers undecided, with the Richmond siding with the cold, the Mission with the hot weather most of the time.

It’s not summer yet, and the shrouds that hug the coast have not visited for any length. It is the most livable city in the world, right now. It is hard to imagine anyone would want to live anywhere else.

And yet, the fog lingered for a long time on the bridge. {moszoomimglink:Golden Gate bridge through the Presidio trees} It left Baker beach alone, but a long thread slipped through until the late afternoon, baffling the tourists and enchanting the watchful citizens.

So there we were, baking in the sun, waiting for things to happen. Being social or listening to music. It was a gorgeous day in the most gorgeous of natural cities.