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Hawai'i, I am coming

2005-06-12 1 min read marco

So, a lot happened lately…

1. My DSL router suddenly died, which explains why you have been unable to connect to this site for a while. I had to go in and re-route the whole shabang, ending up with the wireless router under the staircase and the phone cable draped across the floor just to make my life miserable.

2. I got my green card!!! Yes, two months after hearing that I was going to get it, there it is, in all its glory. A miracle, I would say. But one that prompted me to put copies of all my documents online, in a password protected zoom gallery. By the way: the green card is neither green nor (as they said it would be) pink. It’s simply white, with a metal box on the back.

3. I bought a house in Hawai’i. That is, on the Big Island. It’s located in Ninole, it’s beautiful, but unfinished, and by the end of it all, I will probably get the nickname Liliuokalani. But if you check the pictures… {moszoomalbum:Ninole}