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Summer is here…

2005-05-22 1 min read marco

I look out the window, and there is nothing but sunshine and blue sky. I have been waiting for this for a long time, holed up in my room, thinking of other things to do, and not realizing how much the sun changes life.

San Francisco has four seasons: two long ones, which are called the Rainy and the Foggy, and two short ones, which we call Long Sunny Days and Short Sunny Days. Right now, we are in Long Sunny Days, and it shows. The fog banks off the short of the ocean have not rolled in yet, but we are getting close to the solstice. The days are soaking in the radiation and the heat, and we are enjoying our life.

I should have gone biking yesterday. Instead, I spent an hour grinning with everyone else through the spinning class. I made it to the beach after that, and I was amazed at how many people joined me there. The sea was still rough, limiting our seating area and crowding us all together. But we don’t mind, this is the City of Love, after all.

Oh, how I love this wondrous city!