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Looking for Real Estate in Hawai'i

2005-05-16 1 min read marco

How funny. So my first trip to the States was to Honolulu. I landed first in Dallas, then moved on to Honolulu, and stayed there for a week. I actually needed only the first ten minutes. That’s how long it took for me to know I had to move there. Amazing? In separate pages {moscontentlink:hawai%} I wrote about what the islands mean to me. Well, now it became time to make them come real, and I got in touch with agents there to make me a land owner.

Will keep you posted. So far, I have been contacted by three agents, and will write back. All from one single agency, which is a bit scary. But then again, as a buyer I stand to lose no more than time. Some of the sellers stand to lose a lot more!