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Shrek 2 (2004)

2005-05-15 1 min read Movies marco

Ok, that was not fair!

I was expecting something in the lines of Shrek – a cutesy animated movie with a lot of good humor and some great voice acting along the way. I was expecting Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, and Eddie Murphy. Sorta hoping it wouldn’t degrade from what it had been.

Whaddayaknow? Instead of doing the obvious, the troupe bested itself! That’s not fair! I was dazzled by a host of new brand name actors throwing themselves in a very recognizable manner into the mix. I saw a much more adult brand of humor with references strewn in left and right, and all of a sudden Shrek 2 was not a children’s movie any more at all.

Instead, the adult in me just couldn’t stop laughing. The voices of the newcomers or at least expanded characters included Julie Andrews, John Cleese, Antonio Banderas, and the indefatigable, mercurial, and always up-for-a-twist Jennifer Saunders.

We see Starbucks starring in the movie, and a giant Hollywood sign. Everything about Shrek 2 spells out that the audience has to be at least ten years older than in the past to ‘get’ this movie.

And I sure got it. I just couldn’t stop laughing. Great job, Dreamworks!