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Upgrading to Mambo 4.5.2

2005-05-07 1 min read Joomla marco

Amazing! The install file and the web site said it would be painless – and indeed it was painless!

I downloaded 4.5.2, looked at it, and it seemed to touch EVERYTHING in the system. That got me quite scared, of course, and frankly I quite didn’t buy the fact that every file needed to be changed because of ‘copyright notices’ and such. But in the end I trusted the ease of getting my old site back, if needed, and I risked it.

Unlike most other software I patch up, in this case things were really easy. First, I tried a stand-alone install (let me not forget to delete the new database!). Worked with the usual ease. Then I upgraded my existing software by following this process:

  1. Untar the new distribution
  2. Change permissions on the new distribution directory to match the rest of the site
  3. Copy the old distribution into a new directory
  4. Copy the new distribution into the new directory
  5. Run the installation SQL script (if necessary, change the table names to match yours)
  6. Change the name of the old distribution
  7. Copy the new distribution into the old distribution
  8. Voila, your site is upgraded!

I am not sure yet that I gained anything by the upgrade – let’s see!