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What is moszoomimglink?

2005-05-03 2 min read Joomla marco

I am one of those guys that writes reports about trips he’s made, and ‘spices’ them up with relevant pictures taken on the road. I like having the prose interrupted by my images, because it’s easier on the eye, because you have a better chance of figuring out if you are interested in a particular ride or hike if you see the surroundings, and just because I am so proud of my pictures.

In parallel, I started looking at all the different forms of gallery add-ons for Mambo. I looked at all the non-integrated ones, looked at all the integrated ones, and ended up liking zOOm the best. I found it had a few bugs, a few idiosyncrasies, but all in all it worked the best for me. Little problem: you can’t really integrate the pictures from your galleries into the content area. I was getting desperate, because that was such an easy thing for me in my old site setup. I would just enter a tag that looked like:
and the software I wrote would translate that into a thumbnail with popup image.

What to do? What to do? I scoured the web for ideas, and finally found moszoomteaser. That’s a little mambot that takes links like { moszoomteaser:‘catid’,‘imgid’ } and translates them into a preview of the first eight images in that gallery. The author did a great job, but didn’t do what I really needed – close enough, though!

I set out to write a mambot based on moszoomteaser. I came up with moszoomimglink, which allows for similar syntax. You can add links like:

  • { moszoomimglink:#‘id’# }
  • { moszoomimglink:‘’ }
  • { moszoomalbum:#‘id’# }
  • { moszoomalbum:‘’ }

And you magically get thumbnails that link to the album (moszoomimglink) or a link that says ‘Album’ (moszoomalbum).

You want an example? Well, let’s see… My absolute favorite picture of myself is called “Marco and the wind at the pali lookout” and has the ID 79. So let’s add the links { moszoomimglink:#79# } and { moszoomimglink:marco and the wind at the pali lookout }.{moszoomimglink:#79#}{moszoomimglink:marco and the wind at the pali lookout}

Cool, isn’t it? Or course, both pictures were from my favorite {moszoomalbum:marco}.