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The Best Landscapes

2005-04-29 1 min read Travel marco

Frankly, if you have seen the natural beauty of the States, you won’t be taken aback by anything you’ll see in Europe. America is a huge, diverse continent and has everything to offer to the curious traveler. If you wish to see unique landscapes, stay home and enjoy. I have traveled Europe, I have traveled America – ain’t no valley more beautiful than Yosemite, ain’t no beach more stunning than the Oregon beaches, and you won’t find anything even remotely close to Yellowstone/Grand Teton.

And yet… If you want to roam around, driving in your car and seeing the old that is new to you – Italy can manage wonderful times. And you don’t have to drive far for beauty; just about anywhere you go you’ll find a spot worth visiting.

If you set your mind on seeing unique Italian beauty, though, here a few places that might become special to you: