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Software - Overview

2005-03-12 2 min read Uncategorised marco

This section deals with the public domain software I’ve written or collaborated with. The major projects, all accessible from the menu at the left, are:

  • HTML Tree – a way to generate a static site from an XML file and a directory structure. Essentially, HTML Tree applies a template to a set of files and adds navigation based on the XML file structure. If you want a (fast) static site instead of a dynamic site, this might be the tool for you.
  • Weight Table – an implementation of a weight table. Started as a tool to help me lose weight, and became then a challenge in itself. The first thing I implement when I am faced with a new programming language is the weight table. Currently, implementations are available in Tcl/Tk, Perl, Java (not published), and PHP/Joomla.
  • Polar HRM – I used to ride my bike all over the place, and it annoyed me that I had to use the (quite horrible) Polar software to get graphs of my workout data. Thanks to Dave Bailey, who created software to read Polar data, I added my own twist and started generating my own workout graphs, integrated into HTML Tree above.
  • Passwords – com_passwords is a component that allows you to store secure content on your site. You can add notes, and all content that is in bold face (strong or bold tags) will be obfuscated in plain view. A separate, encrypted copy of the content is stored and can be retrieved by presenting the correct passphrase. Don’t lose the passphrase, or your data is lost for good!
  • Joomla Synchronization – frustrated with having to be online to edit my site, I started thinking of using Blogg-X to do the deed. That caused more frustration, as the current version doesn’t work on Linux, while the previous version doesn’t work with Joomla 1.0.15. So I started thinking about a different tack: use Joomla to edit a Joomla site!