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Escape from Alcatraz

2005-02-26 2 min read Cycling General marco

{moszoomimglink:dynamism}Somehow ever since Louie told me he liked ‘Escape from Alcatraz’, I had a fondness for the men and women who attempt this gruesome race. You have to swim from Alcatraz to Baker Beach (don’t forget the white sharks on the way!), then cycle around the Presidio forever, and finally run up and down the cliffs.

Not a fun thing to do, if you ask me. But quite a few people like it, and I happened to stumble across them on a Sunday ride to Marin. I was wondering why I wasn’t allowed to park at the Bridge, until the friendly park ranger told me Escape from Alcatraz was on. I stopped and took a few pics, and reminded myself I had to be better prepared next year.

Amazing what kind of bodies the front runners had. Some had legs that were bigger than their torsos; other ones zipped up the hill faster than I would feel going downhill. And of course we had our fair share of tourists that ran into the line of cyclists, almost spoiling the fun for everyone around us. Too bad triathlon isn’t that hot yet!

{moszoomimglink:flesh colored skinsuit}My favorite outfit, of course, was the skin colored skinsuit. As the rider (I think a male) came down the hill, all of us at first thought (s)he was coming down in the buff. Considering the closeby nudist beach, probably not a surprise and the first indication (erroneous) that Escape could turn into a spectacle not unlike the famous Bay to Breakers.