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2005-01-17 3 min read Uncategorised marco

[The Curse of the Competent


Ok, there is another task, and there is this one guy that is really, really good: never makes a fuss about getting more stuff piled on, never needs any check-in, always delivers above satisfation. This guy (or more frequently, gal) will end up doing a disproportionate amount of the work for no extra charge and no advantage… S(he) is hit by the Curse of the Competent!

[The Factory vs. the Workshop


Currently, the structure of software companies mimicks strongly that of manufacturing plants. If you look at their composition and makeup more closely, you’ll find that software companies are much more like artists’ workshops than like factories: the outcome of a programmer’s work is much more varied in quality than that of a laborer, and the risks are much higher. I argue that in the long term, the current software sweat shops will disappear and a community of small ateliers will replace them.

[The Good Executive Officer


My spin on excessive executive compensation: the overpayment of CEOs and other corporate officers is due to the psychological need of boards of directors to find the Perfect Match. In doing so, they focus on formal criteria (schooling, experience in similar companies) that are hard to match and hence give rise to excessive compensation. If the boards focused on things that are likely to be related to future performance, such as attitude and personality, we may end up having cheaper, yet better CEOs.

The Three Ingredients of a Successful Startup

I’ve watched a great many flaked on the Internet, and a few successful companies. Sure, most of the flakes just executed poorly: it was the wrong guys, the wrong timing, or the wrong environment over and over again. But to be successful, you’ve got to have more than the right guys, the right timing, and the right environment.

Here’s a look at what I think might make a successful startup. Interestingly enough, it’s just talent that makes the list.

Bottom 10 Habits of Productive Employees

There certainly are people that are not productive. This is not about them. This is an essay for all those that are trying really hard, but get frustrated by their management, or better: by their relationship with management.

Turns out most managers have your best interest in mind. So if you feel like things are not working out in that department, give this essay a try. If nothing else, it may help you understand better what your managers need from you.

Business Hosted Services

You remember ASPs? Back in 1999 they were all the rage, and in 2000 they were the poster child of everything that went wrong in the bubble days. Well, The new Millennium brought us a new breed of ASPs They changed their name to Business Hosted Service, and the entire business model, but otherwise they try to harvest on the same powerful combination of Internet and Application.