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Months in the City

2005-01-16 1 min read Uncategorised marco

A collection of short poems intended to encompass twelve total. These trifles were born out of a creative spurt after I left the startup world and started enjoying the City by the Bay again.

The collection is incomplete, and currently encompasses only four poems:

is the original text of a personal ad I put up. I got great responses, several of whom said they liked my ‘poem’. January was never meant to be a poem, but became so by people’s choice.
is the gayest of the bunch, a very short poem written just as the first mimosas started blooming and the grip of winter started leaving the City.
is more of an embarrassment and may be replaced by a better one later on.
soon after I left the City for the burbs, I went through a really rough patch that had a lot of the characteristics of a depression. I never had felt anything like that, and this is the result of my remembrance.
just like january, the text of another personal ad. Same thing happened as with january, despite the fact that august is much shorter and much less interesting.