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April Showers

2004-04-17 2 min read Cycling General marco

Stress being stress, I decided to take at least the weekend ride somewhat less seriously and decided to go for the Paradise loop. In case you didn’t know, that’s one of the most famous rides in the North Bay / Marin, so I’ll give you my first hand account.

I started, as usual, by parking the car at the East Battery parking lot. A tourist next to me held her door open for about five minutes, until I complained and she moved on, not really apologetic. Cross the bridge, and behold the clouds forming. It was not a good feeling, but I really didn’t care too much. Tiburon, the final destination, looked fine.

Through Sausalito, then on the Bay Trail. A moment of confusion at the end, when we merge with big streets. I turn right, the guy with whom I happened to ride turns left. Lots of cyclists around.

You cross the freeway bridge – ugly traffic! Then you get through something that must be Mill Valley or Marin City. Back on the trail, and it starts drizzling. Soon it develops into a real April shower, and cyclists and pedestrians are hating each other because we get in each other’s way.

Time to leave the trail (I don’t think I want that experience again) and to go through Belvedere and Tiburon. The most wonderful cities, even during a rain shower! Some time in the summer I shall visit again!

Then Paradise Drive, which winds its way on the East side of the Tiburon peninsula. Not too interesting, except for the views. The end is marked by yet another dangerous freeway overpass, but then we are on Corte Madera Avenue, which winds its way (again) to the top of the mountain and then down to Mill Valley. A car passed me on the way up, and then drove down at absurdly low speed. I was in his rear view mirror all the time – what an idiot.

From Mill Valley it’s an easy ride back through Sausalito. It wasn’t the funnest ride, but for people with an altitude challenge, that’s as nice as it gets.