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Summit Avenue

2004-04-04 2 min read Cycling General marco

I took the car all the way to the Presidio to avoid riding in the City, then specialized on the Marin part of the ride.

There was a lot going on. People were flocking out of the city on what looked like a gorgeous morning, and getting through Sausalito was a pain.

The goal was a run-up to Mt. Tam. Since it looms high above the valley and is highly visible from virtually anywhere, I thought it shouldn’t be hard to get to it. I packed the Bay Trail maps to make sure things would work out.

Well, after I got to the Bayland Park and turned left. I kinda really got lost. I forged ahead, to land on West Blithedale Ave. I followed it through the park (very nice), up to Fern Canyon Road. Somehow Summit Avenue surprised me by not going all the way to the summit. I found out checking on a map that I would have had to take a completely different route.

Coming back, I saw the fog pushing through the Golden Gate, and I was glad the car was next to the bridge. When the fog pushes like that, the wind is terrible. Indeed, getting to the bridge, onto the bridge and then crossing the bridge was a major undertaking. Besides, I was wearing my “it’s a summer day” skinsuit and was ill-prepared for the frosty old time…