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Sunday Was So Sunny

2004-03-15 1 min read Cycling General marco

Ok, this Sunday beat them all. It topped a long week of sunny, sunny days, with quite the detrimental effect on my work ethics. And it should have been the first cooler day. Turned out not to be true.

I had a nice brunch with friends in the Castro, and then moved on across the bridge, then up Conzelman, down Point Bonita, and then up Mc… something again. It was a lot of fun, although the Sunday crowd doesn’t even remotely compare to Saturdays. On the bridge, the gawkers would stop in the middle of the ride and force all of us to stop abruptly, and then they would run right into oncoming traffic.

And yet exploring the North Bay has become quite pressing. I think next time on a sunny day like yesterday, I’ll explore the area around Bolinas. It’s beautiful, and I recall last summer, when dozens of cyclists were getting all the way there. Maybe a round-trip over Highway 1, then back to San Rafael? 30 miles one way, that doesn’t sound scary!