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2004-03-06 1 min read Cycling General marco

It’s official: this is the first weekend of the new spring. It’s been fun: I drove out from the city to the gym first, worked out a little bit, and then hit the road, following on the path of Spectrum. I met them up on Canada road. It was by far the largest group I have ever seen, probably over one hundred bikers. Pudgy all of them, just like me! 🙂

Well, California has decided it’s time to be nice to us again. Tomorrow, who knows, I may go across the bridge and hang out at the beach a while. Or maybe I’ll try Marin, and the famous ascent of Mt. Tam? Gotta find my camera in that case…

Oh, the Bay Area is just the most wonderful place on Earth for biking! You got it all: the steep ascent, the flat ride, and thousands of enthusiasts in all age categories!