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Cycling - Overview

2004-01-13 2 min read Uncategorised marco

Everybody that knows me more than just casually knows that I am an avid bicyclist. Not a fast one, maybe, but a commited one, someone who waits all week for that Saturday ride, someone who commutes to work on his bike, someone who won’t even fix his car so that he’s got no excuse not to ride.

Seemed quite logical to have a section of this site devoted to biking. Here you’ll find a little of everything, a bit out of sequence, but with the very best intentions.

For starters, we have the mandatory weblog, affectionately called Biker’s Log. Here I record (somewhat sporadically) everything that has been happening lately on my bike – from ugly accidents to new tires, from new friends on the bike lane to new programs and products for my beloved two-wheelers.

And when I talk ‘programs’, I probably mean this next section. I decided to use my Polar S710 bike computer to record my trainings, and aside from being too lazy to start it all the time, I has faithfully recorded my progress and generated nice graphs to look even more like a geek to all of you. Of course you can {moscontentlink:Polar HRM|download the software}, and please don’t forget to thank the splendid Dave Bailey, and enjoy his warped sense of humor!

Next section, another good one. Seems that it’s a shame that all the bike tours that I have made in the past months are only in my brain and in that of a lot of local bikers. So the section on Bike Trips tries to convey a little of the fun I’ve had chasing the breeze.

Finally a slightly nostalgic section where I’ll bore you to smithereens with recollections of my past bikes. Why would you read that? Well, if you do, don’t sue me. I am not responsible for smithereening, you are warned right here!