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Bad Weather

2003-12-01 1 min read Cycling General marco

New job, and the ardent desire to test the new route – but rain will prevent me and I’ll have to drive, much to my displeasure.

This means a new chapter in my life is starting, and as usual things are going to be a little chaotic in the beginning. I’ll have to move out of this place, too, and soon. I am already looking at new sites, and finally I’ll make the step and move to the city again. I am aiming for the South of Market area, as far down as 25th Street.

What it means for my biking is that I’ll probably lose the most beautiful bike commute I could imagine. Instead of riding up Foothill Expressway and then crossing over to the new location (on Marsh Road), I will have to find some deal involving BART. Maybe commuting to Burlingame and then biking from there is a good option.

And then, of course, I start wondering how much I will be able to follow Spectrum once I am back in the city. Those guys were my Saturday morning fun!