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Slow Sunday

2003-10-05 1 min read Cycling General marco

I am so embarrassed! I made it all the way to the end of Canada and back, passing the Stanford group twice – but I was tired all the way. Maybe it was yesterday’s chasing after the Spectrum ride, maybe I am turning sick – I barely made the 19 average on my way home! I even had to stop at Stanford to just eat something. I was so starved that I needed a kick of sorts.

Nice day, the sun was shining (and still is). Lots of bikers around for a Sunday.

Oh, and I had to change tires again. There was a glass shard in the tire liner, and it had been killing inner tubes one after the other. I looked at the tire and decided it was time to change again. Now I have a Michelin in front and a brand new Bontrager Xtra Lite back. So far, no difference!