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Spectrum Again!!!

2003-10-04 2 min read Cycling General marco

This time I joined them for real! I even waited for a good twenty minutes at Edith, with two guys that couldn’t have been frostier.

It was officially the first fall ride. In the sense that I had to don the longjohns, which made me quite unhappy. But I rode with them all the way to Alpine and Arastradero. I had decided not to push it and ride behind, which was quite a stupid idea, because all the catastrophes ended up having only two witnesses: me and my brakes.

So I lose them thanks to the trailers’ lousy performance on the Arastradero hill (I was very concerned when they all got off their saddle at the beginning of the road, where it’s almost flat!) and to another flat (the frosty friends from Edith, and I enjoyed their bad karma :).

Needless to say, I was catching up when this moron passes me while I am about to pass another guy on the ascent. Not to be outdone, he slows down as soon as he has passed me and makes me lose the group for good. I give it a try on the downhill, but remind myself that it is right there that the group has the highest advantage.

I make it through Woodside and up Canada, but then lose my back man and decide it is time to turn around. I have barely reached the bridge. I make it back, and there they jump out of Olive. I guess the group goes to Mountain Home and then turns left onto 84. If I had known….

Well, I do now. And I set my mind on being a part of it. There were nice people amongst those, not only the frosty losers!