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Aztec Autums (G. Jennings)

2003-10-04 1 min read Books marco

Oh, what high praise was lavished on this book! It seemed the entire elite of the Nation threw itself on these few hundred pages, naming Mr. Jennings the greatest writer of history in the land.
Well, not much to deserve. The story is that of a warrior in a far-off city in Northern Mexico who decides he wants revenge and decides to defeat the Spaniards who killed his father, burning him on the stake under the eyes of his (unknowing at that time) son.
There are many reasons why the book doesn’t work. First, the development of the story is extremely uneven, with those parts that the book should have amplified (given the fictitious premise it is an account of the glory of this man) largely neglected; then, the opinions of the main character are more from the view point of the U.S. moralist of the 20th century that the fresh voice of a Mexican of the 16th; finally, while its predecessor was indeed a page turner, this one is as bad an attempt to copy the former success as is typical in a different genre, in movies.
No need to comment further. Stay away, if you don’t need to read this book.