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Another Flat

2003-08-30 2 min read Cycling General marco

Slow day, not the wonderful Saturday ride I had envisioned. I missed Spectrum again, saw them on Canada and lost them. I am really barely able to keep up with those guys!

Then, on a shorter evening ride, a flat. This one was particularly annoying: a nail that punched right straight through the tire. It stuck so deep it took me a lot of convincing to get it out. Remnant of the work they are doing at the intersection of Arastradero and Foothill.

I got the tools out, removed the inner tube and tested for holes. I found the one that had been caused by the nail (actually, I found the nail based on the position of the hole). I patched it up, and put the tire back in. Of course I needed to test my new CO2 cartridges, so I push one onto the head and pump up the tire. I almost freeze my fingers off, but no pumping.

I think it’s my fault, and start pumping manually. No luck. It dawns on me: a second hole. I take the tire out, after having put it together with the usual amount of pain, unthread the tube and try to find the hole. First round, nothing. Second round, a hissing sound from the general location of the patch. I think it’s my fault, I didn’t patch it well. It’s my fault anyway, isn’t it?

I check the tube, realize there is something wrong on the inner side, and look at it. That damn nail had punched little holes on the inner side all around an area that looked now like a sieve.

Lesson learned: always pump up the tube before you put it back in. And try not to reuse tubes while you are riding. If you have to fix it up, it’s safer back home.