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Hawaii the Big Island Revealed

2003-08-27 2 min read Books marco

I am taking a week off in September to celebrate my birthday by myself and chose my favorite vacation spot: Hawaii. This time it’s going to be the Big Island herself, largest mass in the Central Pacific by far. And of course I needed a good guide book.
Wizard Publishing has a wonderful set of books, created and written with care (if with a tiny bit too much enthusiasm) on three of the major Hawaiian islands. They started out with a Kauai Guidebook that blasts any competitor away, and then followed up with a volume on Maui and the Big Island.
I haven’t been to the Big Island since I read the book, so of course I won’t be able to critique appropriately this book and the value of its information. I will still take the time and talk about the two other books, and how much they have made fact gathering and fact traveling easy.
For one, the detail of the books is incredible. If there is a hike to any place, there is very accurate description as to how to get there, and all the circumstances of the fun. Of course we were a bit disappointed as we saw that the marvelous pools in West Maui were quite stagnant and filthy, and that the famous blowhole was merely fizzing a few droolings – but all in all, it is easy to navigate with the information provided.
Just as important though is the negative criticism. Sometimes it’s mere complaining for the complaint’s sake, but most of the time, there is good reason for the disappointment. The authors will warn you not to go some place, and you better heed the advice!
Will add more info once I come back.