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Spectrum Ride

2003-08-23 1 min read Cycling General marco

Another wonderful Saturday morning, and the first time I tried to get into the Spectrum ride. It’s been three weeks, now, that some Spectrum rider tells me I should join them, so I tried. Of course, I got delayed by something irrelevant (this time the discovery of friendster, the newest dating site that features degrees of separation. Check it out, I think the concept is one of the best around!

Well, in any case, I got there too late to join the group. I saw them in the distance, but lost them at Arastradero. They must have turned left where I went straight. Didn’t see them at all from there on, but hit another two groups. With my trying to chase Spectrum and by virtue of having to chase the other two groups, I clocked in really nicely. You can check it on the bike log, but I think I made 57 minutes to Canada, and 53 coming back! Much better than last week, where I barely made 1:02 and 59!!!

The weblog entry on skinsuits is becoming a hit maker for Google. Funny to read what searches hit this site…