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In Season

2003-08-15 1 min read Cycling General marco

Looks like the season is in full swing… I am riding to work every day, and there are more and more bikers that I greet every morning. One skinny guy from Webcor/AV rides against my direction towards Foothill and is as reliable as a clockwork: if I meet him after El Camino, I am fine – otherwise I am late.

Of course, this can mean only one thing: it is about time to start thinking about my trip to Hawai’i at the end of next month. I think I will take Bianchi with me, I don’t trust the airline with Ti. Will have to get the old goose up and running again, it has been faithfully waiting for me for over a year now.

What could a year do to a bike? Don’t know. Rust in the chain, maybe. The tires have to be replaced, with all likelihood. And I have to get used to ten extra pounds that are not due to cookies.

Oh, well… I will have to lose weight, too…