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End of Commuter Month

2003-08-02 2 min read Cycling General marco

More successful at collecting food stamps than at spending them, I ended up giving the last four away. I had been riding every single day, although I forgot to turn on the bike computer half the time. In the end, it worked me out and it was fun. California in the summer is really a blast, and riding home at night still occurs at daylight.

My colleagues that left for the Tour are back, proud of having mastered Alpe d’Huez and Mont Ventoux. Lucky them! The only hill I did in the last weeks was probably Golden Oak, and I am turning into quite the slob.

FInally, I decided to change my workout price to something different: I decided a while back I would put aside $50 for each day I biked for more than an hour and worked out (weights) for more than 30 minutes. I would then use the money to buy a trip, probably to Cancun or Kauai.

Well, I decided I would save the money to buy a new motorcycle! That sounds like a really good idea! I have been missing my motorcycle really badly, and I wished I had had it around on those wonderful days when a ride to the beach or to the city would have been so much fun!