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2003-07-07 1 min read Cycling General marco

Ok, now I am sick of this fat Marco thing. I decided I am going to lose weight, and you invisible readers are going to help me.

This is how it works: every day that I (a) ride in to work or ride for MORE than an hour, and (b) I work out either at the gym or otherwise for more than 30 minutes, I can put $50 towards a vacation fund. As soon as I reach 20% body fat (no matter how much water I drink to get there 🙂 I can redeem the money.

Chosen two spots: Cancun and the Mayan riviera or Kauai and the Kalalau trail. Both places I wanted to visit for a long time, and this gives me a chance to make it.

I threatened myself with taking daily pictures of my naked self and put them online if I don’t make it by the end of the summer… 😉