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2003-07-05 2 min read Cycling General marco

I wanted to do the Grand Alpine loop, but the coastal stretch was banked in by the fog, and I decided to cut it short. Too bad, because I really wanted to try the famous Tunitas Creek ascent.

The Grand Alpine loop has some of the best biking in the Bay Area: you start on Foothill and El Monte, go up Moody Road until it hits Page Mill, go up Page Mill (it’s a nasty 2400ft). From there, down on Alpine until you hit Pescadero, left on Pescadero until you hit the town proper. Right on Stage road, past La Honda road in San Gregorio. Then you hit Highway 1, which you follow briefly until you hit Tunitas Creek. You ride another 2000ft up, until you hit King’s Mountain Road. Downhill again, until you arrive to Woodside (rest here and watch bikers). Then it’s back to the start on Foothill.

Well, I made it down Alpine, turned right onto Pescadero and right onto La Honda, and avoided riding towards the freezing ocean. Stopped in Woodside, chased a few guys up Canada, until one of them (from MVV) got mad at me for catching up with him. He actually passed me after the stop sign on Canada, and I caught up with him soon afterwards. He was so surprised he almost fell from his bike and let me pass. Soon afterwards again he passed me all indignated. I was catching up again (man, I had done 4000ft of ascent, and I was catchin up with him uphill…), but then decided that I really had nothing to prove and turned around. He spoiled my fun.

Back home, it’s time for relaxation!