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Defeat at Old La Honda

2003-06-29 2 min read Cycling General marco

So that’s how it went…

I rode the usual Alpine uphill, having given a little too much on Foothill to swerve around the morning traffic. Stopped at the bottom of the hill, after having passed four guys from Phoenix Tech. After they started (and another one, and another one), I jumped on and tried to go as fast as I could.

Man, I made it up 880ft (ascent), and then somehow the steam went out of me. Weird. It wasn’t even pain, or fatigue, or anything else – just no desire to continue. The nagging: “Why am I doing this again?” that stands behind all failed athletes. I turned around, hopefully far enough for the Phoenix people (that I had passed a while down) not to know that I had, indeed, been defeated. On the way down, just to make my life more interesting, this moron passes a group of bikers on the far left of the road, on a perfect collision course with me.

That’s it, I thought. I stopped as usual in Woodside, but the steam was out. I was determined to go again in the afternoon, but then….

Oh, yes, and then the stupid Polar sensor decided to join the independence movement and went its own way, not recording the Foothill stretch.

At least today the weather’s cooled down, and although that means no beach, it is going to be a glorious ride!