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Short Ride

2003-06-08 1 min read Cycling General marco

Not much going on, today. Rete, my not-so-faithful webserver, choked to death last night after a (silly) attempt to apt-get upgrade – and I spent most of the morning trying to resuscitate. In the end, I installed RedHat 8.0 on the old disk, and got to do a minimal ride in the afternoon.

Since life is treating me well, I decided to pamper myself (Q: isn’t that what you do when life is NOT treating you well?) and went to the bike store to pick up some gear. And there I was again, having to decide where to go…

Palo Alto Bicycles
+ has the best selection I have seen so far – including my beautiful Lemond (and its successor)
– the staff is spotty in courtesy and knowledge, customers pretentious and too rich (interestingly the nice guys are the good bikers)

Bicycle Outfitters
+ dedicated to biking in general. They even used to close on Sundays because they wanted to ride!
– they were closed on Sundays. Had to buy my bike elsewhere

Chain Reaction Bicycles
+ low cost
– poor selection on high end

I ended up going to Chain Reaction. Bought silly stuff (socks, bandanna). Sigh!