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Sunday in May

2003-05-18 2 min read Cycling General marco

What is there to report? It is starting to be beautiful, finally, and I am taking all the time I can to ride around.

Yesterday, I started out on the usual loop and decided then I really wanted to go up Canada. Of course, no sooner had I left Woodside that a tiny hole in my rear tire forces me to stop and look at what’s going on. Fixed the tire, on my way again, but by then I was not in the mood for a hill ride. I turned right into Ralston trail, but that one goes only as far as the main drag to San Whatever.

Back home, I noticed that I was still itching for more bike, so I left around 3 for another hour’s worth of riding in the hood. This time a short loop, to Sand Hill and back.

Today, I left early (around 9:30) and had great plans in stock: First up Page Mill, then all the way to 92, down and back on La Honda. Unfortunately, there was this red devil with a Lemond shirt that taunted me all the way up, so that by the time I reached the top of the hill, at the 2400 mark, he and I were both DEAD! He turned left, I turned right, both scoffing but secretly thinking “THAT WAS FUN!”.

Zipped down La Honda, spent a little while in Woodside checking out bikes, and then back home… Nothing unusual today either. Too bad! 🙂