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After a Long Hiatus

2003-04-18 1 min read Cycling General marco

There has been a lot going on, in the last few monts… On the biking front, two main events:

1. Three major accidents. One was on my way home, on Foothill just past El Monte. A branch was sticking out into the bike lane, and I hit it while I was checking out my speed (28mph). The second one was a stupid slipping while riding in to work (and oddly enough, although I merely slipped on a railroad track, this one is the one that hurt the most). The third one was on Grant Road, while riding in to work. A nice nurse thought it would be wise to get a coffee before getting to work, and she cut right in front of me. As almost accidents go, this one was really ok. The lady came out of her slightly oversized Tahoe and was shaking all over. I ended up hugging her and telling her everything was alright.

2. I finally mastered the big ones! I did Old La Honda, Page Mill, King’s Mountain, Congress Springs. Now I just have to add the evil ones on the other side of the mountains, and I am done!