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Spring in January

2003-01-12 2 min read Cycling General marco

Zipping around on this wonderfully balmy Sunday, I discover the incredible: the mimosa trees are already in full bloom. Their smell hit me twice, on Foothill (coming back) and on Alpine, and interestingly enough our little enclave of Los Altos Highlands has several trees that erupted in a shower of yellow.

It was warm enough to wear just the skinsuit, the first time in a month or so. Unseasonably warm, as the weather forecast says. The bike lanes were accordingly crowded, with several large groups greeting each other. It is indeed a paradise for the biker.
The weather was quite unstable, hence no major ride. I just went up Foothill and then left on Alpine, admittedly following a zippy-fast biker that had been eluding me ever since I crossed over the Loyola Corners bridge. Turns out he (a) must have cheated at all intersections and red lights and (b) didn’t like drafters. In any case, he couldn’t get rid of me (despite an attempt to flight on Alpine) and finally let me pass. Amusing how these guys in Specialized top-to-toe think they own the path.

But then it got quite humid on Alpine and I turned around, back to the wonderful world of Foothill. The winds were of course from the South, which explained the mild weather. Riding back on Foothill with the wind in your face while you are trying to climb the hill is not fun, believe me, and so I did without a second round.

I hope the weather is going to stay warm in the near term, and maybe become a little dryer in the short term.