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Riding On Bikes With Boys

2003-01-04 1 min read Cycling General marco

Looks like the drenching rain of December is giving way to unseasonably warm weather, and I am enjoying as much of it as I can, riding my bike furiously up and down the hills.

On Wednesday, New Year’s day, I rode for the first time up Old La Honda, trailing what must have been a larger group from a major outfit around here. It was very tough, especially since I hadn’t the slightest idea of when it would end, which makes it never end. I wanted to ride on all the way to King’s Mountain Road, but made it only to La Honda. I couldn’t even manage the puny hill leading up from there.

Today, Saturday, brought the usual loop. I had seen big groups of bikers riding up and down Foothill, but by the time I got around to sitting on my bike, everybody had disappeared and I was pretty much by myself. Alpine loop, as usual (Foothill to Alpine, then Portola to Sand Hill and back). An uneventful ride, except that when I landed back on the garage door step, the tire magically blew. Just like that.

Fortunately, tomorrow will be another beautiful day. And another long ride.