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2002-12-14 1 min read marco

Year end party.

Once a year, this company, too, throws itself into a frenzy for a good cause (the amusement of the employees) and spends a hopefully not startup sum to come up with an evening of fun and glory and debauched drinking.

Amusing how the company keeps its headquarters in the South Bay, but thinks nothing of throwing its party in the city. Is it because the big party goers live there, anyway? The rest of us, who moved down the Peninsula to cut on the commute, thank them by leaving early and thus making the party a real success.

Second year in a row I’ll go on my own. Not that I mind. Makes me feel odd, though, with all the other married and coupled people whose consorts I will get to meet again. At least I know most of them by now.

Not a party animal. I would much rather bike.