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2002-12-14 1 min read Cycling General marco

It’s been raining all day, in the first of a series of torrential flows that mark the beginning of the rainy season. Well, at least it’s in mid-December and not in November, like last year.

The rain feels so odd here. So out of place. Especially when it’s not drizzling, but pouring like it was today. We don’t see much of that, haven’t in the last seven eight months.

When it rains in California, the gutters explode. The water shoots from all sides, draining into rivers that gush over streets first, then highways, and then even freeways. The state, at least from San Francisco South, is not used to rain and takes each occurrence of a severe storm as an unplannable catastrophe.

Just like a snowfall would freeze Rome’s very existence, a rain storm will knock off power poles, will make mature trees collapse, will see roofs fly away and roads become impassable.

And all one can think is that it would seem so predictable.